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Project Description
A Windows Live Writer plugin for Syntax Highlighter that allows you to enter in code, select a language, and outputs the correct syntax to highlight your code. With this plugin you can write code for your blog and have it auto highlight

This plugin now uses the "SmartContentSource" which eliminates the auto-encoding issue.
Along with this must have change there is also an options pane which allows you to quickly change the tab size and language.

Clearly this is my first CodePlex project. Please send me your suggestions or comments so I can become better

There have been too many times when I wanted to add a little snipit of code into my blog on through Windows Live Writer only to find that there was no plugin and I had no way of changing the "syntax highlighter" since I was using the free version of WordPress.

So I decided to write one. Really nothing fancy and totally bare-boned. You might say that there is nothing to it at all. With that said, it does its job and saves me time writing my blog posts. I hope you find it useful as well.

This version uses:
  • WPF (.Net 3.5)
  • Windows Forms (.Net 3.5)
  • Windows Live Writer API (for build

This version provides:
  • Tab Size selection
  • Code Language selection (e.g. C#, VB.Net, Java, Ruby, etc...)
(Note: This does not highlight the code within the editor or WLW)

Please take note that editing the source code from "Source" tab within WLW is not allowed. Any changes made from there is discarded.
This is the price one pays to ensure that WLW does not auto-encode the HTML.

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